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Costa-WebA word from our Founder

Over the years we’ve installed water purification systems for over 15 000 people, it gives me great personal satisfaction to know that so many families are safer and healthier because of the service that we provide.

Never before has it been more crucial to be drinking clean water, our bodies are made up of 70% water and with the increase of processed and instant foods with chemicals, I believe more now than ever that our bodies need the help of pure water to help effectively detoxify our bodies and help protect them.

Everyone should have access to safe drinking water.

~ Costa Simeonides (First Water Founder, Greek and Golf Player)



“When I was pregnant with my first child, I learnt of the really bad effects of chlorine and other chemicals in our water, and started wondering what I would do when my son was born. It gave me peace of mind when preparing formula bottles was so easy, I didn’t have to worry about what I was pouring into his bottle, and I knew that any water we drank as a family was healthy and clean, and chemical free, so I didn’t have to worry about cancer or getting sick, because of lead/chemicals and other heavy metals in my body. The filters are also affordable to replace, unlike some other systems, yet this one does the same excellent job. I have two children now, both toddlers, and we still use our First Water Coolers purification system. It’s been serving us for years keeping my family safe and healthy.”

~ Heidi de Jesus Ferreira (Mom of 2 & Founder of Burnt out to Brilliant)