The Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

There has been a lot of news about the real benefits of an office water cooler in the office. There are real advantages to using an office water cooler. The office water cooler is not only a neutral place in the office or workplace to catch up with workmates and colleagues it is literally a fountain of youth.

Office water coolers increase productivity at work with their obvious health benefits.

There are three main areas where an office water cooler benefits employees and employers.

• Increased Office productivity through healthier employees

Studies have shown that smart offices with water coolers provide awesome positives, the staff is always well hydrated and healthier, and this leads to less time off work, and an increase in productivity. Staff members begin substituting sugary drinks for filtered water that tastes awesome.

• Increased Productivity through brain Function

There is a lot of data to support the idea that people who consume filtered water in the office regularly have a better brain function than those who don’t. If your employees stay hydrated throughout the day it has been proven that they will stay focused for longer and have increased productivity through brain function avoiding the dreaded 3 pm speed hump.

• Sounding out Ideas at the Office Water Cooler

Bouncing ideas off colleagues at the office water cooler allows employees to gauge the effectiveness of their ideas. Offices, where employees are segregated into their own workspace are unable to have the face to face interaction that an office water dispenser allows. The office water dispenser facilitates conversations through providing a meeting place in the office environment.

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• Best Water Coolers

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