Commercial Whole House Water Purification System

FWC-2400 and FWC-UV55WSS (produces 2400 lts.per hour, regulated by UV.)

The system consisting of:  3 filters, 3 housings, mounting bracket, housing spanner, ball valve, Ultra Violet housing and lamp. (Housings are 6 bar rated)

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Filter details as follows:


A 10-micron Polypropylene sediment filter which removes coarse and fine material such as sand and dirt.


KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) combines a special high purity zinc and copper alloy which precedes the GAC (Granular activated carbon).

This method is called REDOX or oxygen reduction; It removes contaminants such as aluminium, sulphur, iron and heavy metals for example mercury, lead, and arsenic. It also removes fungus and algae and inhibits bacteria.

KDF / Carbon is highly effective in treating drinking water while also removing bad taste, smells and some colours, It prolongs the carbon life. The carbon considerably removes pesticides, industrial chemicals and chlorine (which mix with other compounds to produce known carcinogens) as well as petrol, paraffin and diesel fuel.


5-micron Polypropylene sediment filters which removes finer materials such as fine salt, oxidized iron (rust particles) cysts and suspended solids as well as sand and dirt.

4th. Ultra Violet

UV55WSS.: – Stainless Steel Housing 55 Watt Ultra Violet 1 ” inlet/outlet lamp to kill 99.9% Bacteria and give customer peace of mind. Complete with electrics

2400lts/ hour.


1st and 3rd. filter (Sediment) life is dependent on amount of dirt and the source water quality. Using reasonably clean municipal water, filters should last 12 months.

2nd. filter (KDF/Carbon) to be changed every 2 years.

4th. (Ultra Violet UV55WSS) UV Lamp should be replaced annually


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